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COVID-19 Safety Protocols
We remain committed to providing care to the communities we serve to keep our patients healthy as we continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation. We assure you that the health and safety of our patients is our number one priority.
Our practice has infection control policies and systems in place that meet or exceed our state's recommendations and the Centers for Disease Control's Standard Precautions for Dental Practices. Patients are screened prior to their appointments, and we use enhanced cleaning measures along with personal protective equipment (PPE). We perform frequent cleanings throughout the day and between patients using CDC and EPA-approved cleaning agents.
We commit to the highest standards in keeping our facilities sanitized and practicing good hygiene.

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Full & Partial Dentures

Full and Partial Dentures

Full and partial dentures are both removable appliances used to replace missing teeth. A full denture is used when a patient is edentulous (has no teeth). A partial denture is used for a semi-edentulous patient (missing some teeth).

Replacing missing teeth has many advantages:

  • Chewing Food.

  • Speaking. Missing teeth, especially front teeth, can affect your speech. Replacing missing teeth improves pronunciation.

  • Appearance. Teeth are essential for supporting our lips and cheeks. Once the teeth are lost, the face appears to be collapsed. Replacing teeth with a full or partial denture can help restore that.

  • Self-Esteem. Last, but certainly not least, we want you to feel confident about your smile!

Full dentures are a removable prosthetic device. They are custom-made to fit the remaining soft and hard tissues in the mouth. They can be made for both the top and bottom arches.

A partial denture is custom-fit around the remaining teeth and tissues.

Both options require multiple visits. If you are thinking of replacing missing teeth, please do not hesitate to call our office and set up a consultation appointment.

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