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COVID-19 Safety Protocols
We remain committed to providing care to the communities we serve to keep our patients healthy as we continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation. We assure you that the health and safety of our patients is our number one priority.
Our practice has infection control policies and systems in place that meet or exceed our state's recommendations and the Centers for Disease Control's Standard Precautions for Dental Practices. Patients are screened prior to their appointments, and we use enhanced cleaning measures along with personal protective equipment (PPE). We perform frequent cleanings throughout the day and between patients using CDC and EPA-approved cleaning agents.
We commit to the highest standards in keeping our facilities sanitized and practicing good hygiene.

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Dental Fillings

Dental Fillings

A dental filling is used to restore loss of tooth structure. The main cause of this loss is due to dental caries (cavities). It can also be caused by external trauma. Placing a filling helps reestablish the function and morphology of the tooth.

There are two types of fillings:

  1. Silver, also called amalgam fillings
  2. White, or composite fillings

As we all know, the composite fillings are much more aesthetically pleasing as they match the color of our teeth. However, when a filling is needed, Dr. Seneczko will discuss with you what restorative material she believes to be best for your specific needs.

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